Internal Security Branch

The Internal Security Branch looks after the following aspects:

  • Crisis management matters including airport and anti-hijacking.
  • Declaration of protected and prohibited places.
  • Matters relating to case withdrawals.
  • Premature release of life convicts.
  • Liaison with Department of Correctional Administration.
  • Preventive detention.
  • Matters relating to public security, peace, order and tranquility, including communal harmony.
  • Liaison with Armed forces and military aid to civil authority matters.
  • Matters relating to LWE etc. including co-ordination with neighbouring States.
  • Implementation of specialized laws including UAPA.
  • Verification of character and antecedents.
  • Matters relating to Narcotics.
  • Flag Code and State Emblems.
  • Human trafficking.
  • Deployment of State & Central Forces.
  • Trade Union Matters/ Labour / Industrial disputes.
  • Arrest of MLA & MP.
  • Road Accident.
  • Field firing and Artillery Practices.
  • CID/ CBI Matters.
  • Fake Currency.
  • All secret reports from different agencies.
  • Law and Order issues on Labour unrest/ Industrial disputes.
  • Matters related to Directorate of Economic offences.
  • Matters related to office of the Director of Security.
  • Police firing cases.
  • License to private security agencies (click to search private security agencies ).
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