Financial Adviser Cell

The Financial Adviser Cell, Home Department is headed by the Financial Adviser. He is assisted by other officers/staff like Deputy Financial Adviser (1), Accounts Officer (2), Upper Division Assistants (3) etc.

Functions : The Financial Adviser performs the following main functions:
  • Rendering advice to the Additional Chief Secretary/Principal Secretary of the Department on all financial matters including procurement proposals which would otherwise have required concurrence of the Finance Department.
  • Screening all expenditure proposals requiring to be referred to Finance Department for concurrence or comments.
  • To ensure prompt action on Audit Reports and Appropriation Accounts, Reports on Public Accounts Committee, Estimates Committee and Committee on Public Undertakings.
  • Preparation of Budget Speeches of Hon’ble C.M. & Hon’ble F.M. on Home Department.
  • Preparation of Budget Estimate on Home Department.
  • Allocation of Non-Plan funds to various Directorates/Offices under this Department on the instruction of the Finance Department.
Delegation: Some of the important powers delegated to the Financial Adviser are:
  1. According concurrence for administrative approval of any plan Expenditure upto Rs.10 crore.
  2. According concurrence for release of fund from schemes for which Central Assistance is available. Such delegation of Financial Powers to the Departmental Financial Adviser has facilitated the Department towards quicker release of funds under Plan Schemes.
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