Coordination Branch

The Coordination Branch looks after the following aspects:

  • Determination and maintenance of Structure, Organisation and Procedure of Government.
  • Matters relating to West Bengal Rules of Business and Secretariat Manual
  • Entitlements of Council of Ministers.
  • Processing of Daily/Sitting Allowance and reimbursement of medical expenditures.
  • Foreign visits of Hon'ble Ministers
  • Matters relating to Committees of Assembly/Parliament.
  • Matters relating to Parliament and Assembly Questions.
  • Preparation of speech for H.E. the Governor.
  • Matters relating to Eastern Zonal Council, Inter-State Council, National Integration Council.
  • National Awards matters.
  • West Bengal State Election Commission matters.
  • Emoluments, allowances, privileges and rights and asset declaration relating to Chief Minister and Ministers.
  • Executive Assistants to Ministers.
Sl No. Order No. Type Order Date Subject Action Upload Date
1 1 notice 26-07-2016 West Bengal Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishments Act View  Download 05-08-2016
2 2 notice 11-12-2015 West Bengal Right to Public Services Act View  Download 05-08-2016
3 3 notice 23-06-2016 Order No. 550-Home (Cons.)/RIM (Cons.) - 33/2016 View  Download 05-08-2016
4 4 circular 28-07-2016 Order No. 635-Home (Cons)/RIM- 6312016 View  Download 05-08-2016