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The Home Department of the "Government of Bengal" was instituted in the year 1843. The Functions of this Department from the very beginning were heterogeneous in character.The outline of the main activities of the Department is as follows:

  • According administrative sanction to schemes to be implemented by field agencies
  • Preparing annual budget for home department and field offices, seeking approval and monitoring expenditure
  • Liaison with Government of India for funds relating to Border Area Development Programme
  • Framing policy decisions pertaining to law and order, excise, entertainment, crime against women etc.
  • Dealing with appeals against externment, cinema, hotel, bar, arms licenses etc.
  • Processing applications pertaining to Domicile Certificates, Visa, Citizenship etc.
  • Ensuring human resource development through refresher training, orientation courses, training on specialized disciplines viz., handling of arms, ammunitions, explosives etc. in respect of the police force of the State.
  • License to Private Security Agencies
  • Election to Legislative Assembly & Parliament (Lok Sabha) etc.
  • Census
  • Protection of human rights
  • Political Sufferers' Pension, etc.

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